Why Product Voice

Want to Display your products to the Customer or the Consumer on the go. Here we have the right solution to display your attractive products in the Catalog on Online. A Transforming technology to transform the Business.

B2C Business Management

Considering the demographic factors, Each Individual has a different perspective towards the color, Tone and has lot Variation among each others.

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B2B Business Management

The Concept of "Supply Chain management” on product towards the Consumer lies in one Platform” the Product Voice". ". It is the tool that enables business

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Innovative catalogs

Productvoice helps you to create digital catalog for your customer to feel real product by utilizing our catalog tools.

  • Customer view product features in virtual.

  • Periodic product update reaches your customers in seconds.

  • Create right items at right time for right peoples.

  • Maintain your catalog visibility - public, private, group.

  • Product voice helps you to stand in front of the market with unique identity.

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Customer management

Manage your customer to simplify the sales promotional and improve revenue. Manage your customer based on their buying ability and preferences.

  • Manage your customer contacts

  • Group your customer based on buying ability or product requirement.

  • Create follow up your customer by to-do list and reminder.

  • contact your target by single click.

  • Import/Export your contact.

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Intelligent Marketing

Analysis your customer what, when, they need? understand user buying ability and send custom offers. achieve more than your target.

  • Target your customer based on their preference.

  • Send custom offers at birthday, wedding day to improve sales.

  • Send private catalog for premium customers.

  • Identify Potential customers based on engagement and buying level.

  • Reports.

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Feedback management

keeping your existing customer is more important than identifying new customers. Pickup your customer feedback and get them back to your solution.

  • Simply messaging system for individual customer and group.

  • Manage your feedback into to do list.

  • Collect feedback for future products.

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